Mindfulness And Meditation Sessions Dr Samir Heble

Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions – Dr Samir Heble

Mindfulness And Meditation Sessions Dr Samir Heble

WA Indian Docs is pleased to be associated with Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions run by Dr Samir Heble

  • Free group sessions for members and spouses – by a trained therapist in meditation and mindfulness (experiencing pure presence)
  • Free group sessions specially tailored for children of members

Life is full of sunshine: the beautiful rose resplendent in her red gown, the twinkling stars calling you out to waltz with them, the waterfall full of pizzazz, inviting you to enjoy her freshness and purity….

And life also has its share of wintery days: the disappointments, the losses, the rejections, the paradoxes and the uncertainties….

Our group workshops will take you on a visually rewarding, colourful and a poetically mindful journey in an experiential, meditative and reflective way. They will serve as a valuable resource and guide for you to blossom and grow to your fullest potential and help you on your personal and professional journey.

So become a member and get set to explore the magic of the universe, to enjoy the very beautiful, little collections of the universe and rejuvenate the glitter and the very special music that you possess.