News, Our Charity Initiatives Collaboration between ISWA and WA Indian Docs for Indian Community Centre in Perth

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting charities and our communities, we are pleased to advise you that WA Indian Doctors Foundation (WA Indian Doctors Public Ancillary Fund) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Society of Western Australia (ISWA) for a major fundraising initiative for development of the new Indian Community Centre in Perth.

Indian Society of Western Australia (ISWA) and WA Indian Doctors Foundation (WA Indian Doctors Public Ancillary Fund) jointly invite you to donate generously towards the procurement of the property “12 Whyalla Street Willetton WA 6155” and convert it into “Indian Community Centre (ICC)”.

As part of this fundraising initiative and the MoU that has been signed, we are pleased to advise WA Indian Docs now has formal founding membership status with regards to the new Indian Community Centre and all the benefits that will apply in the future.

This major fundraising initiative of Indian Society of Western Australia (ISWA) is being coordinated through the WA Indian Doctors Foundation (WA Indian Doctors Public Ancillary Fund).

Please donate to become a Founding Member of the Indian Community Centre.

As you maybe aware ISWA is in the process of buying the property 12 Whyalla Street Willetton WA 6155 and convert it into Indian Community Centre (ICC).  $350,000 is required to be raised to obatin approval for the bank loan.

Names of all Founding Members of the ICC including WA Indian Docs will be displayed on a plaque at the Centre on completion. All Founding Members (such as all members of WA Indian Docs) will be invited to the special inauguration session of the Centre after its renovation.

Minimum donation amounts for becoming a founding member of ICC, and how the donations can be made are as follows:

Pay $5,000+GST (minimum) as sponsorship to become a Founding Member, transfer to the ISWA bank account: Bank West BSB No: 306035 A/c No: 2014759

Alternatively, please pay by PayPal / Credit / Debit Cards at: (click here)

Businesses can claim GST refund, as well as a tax deduction since this is a promotional / sponsorship expense. Drop an email to us to receive sponsorship invoice for this, at: [email protected].

Pay $5,000 (minimum) to become a Founding Member, transfer to the ISWA bank account: Bank West BSB No: 306035 A/c No: 2014759

Alternatively, please pay by PayPal/Credit/Debit Cards at: (click here)

Drop an email for receipts, at: [email protected].

Donate $1,000 or more to become a Founding Member.
This donation is tax deductible (DGR – Deductible Gift Recipient), and you will be provided with a tax receipt. ISWA has made a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the WA Indian Doctors Ltd. for grant of authority to collect funds under the Charitable Collections Act 1946. For any clarifications, kindly contact me or Dr Sayanta Jana, President, WA Indian Docs on [email protected].

A tax-deductible donation can be made online through the link: (click here) and a tax receipt will be auto-generated and emailed to you (this is our preferred method).

Alternatively, Direct transfer to the DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) bank account of WA Indian Doctors Public Ancillary Fund: Bank West   WA INDIAN DOCTORS PUBLIC ANCILLARY FUND   BSB No: 302162   A/C No: 1451460. In this case, no automatic tax receipt will be generated and you will need to contact [email protected] to get your tax receipt.

While $1,000 is the minimum donation amount for becoming Founding Member, any other smaller donations are also most welcome. But donations lower than $100 must be made through the online payment facility (above), and not through direct bank transfer.
For online payments, you will receive an auto-generated tax receipt through email. For direct bank transfer, you will need to contact [email protected] to organise your receipt (for more than $100 only). Donations are non-refundable.

Let’s make use of this wonderful opportunity to create a landmark for future generations.

Multipurpose Indian Community Centre at 12 Whyalla Street Willetton WA 6155 will be used for events, festivals and activities including education programs, day-care for aged as well as providing a dedicated space for locals with Indian heritage to come together and celebrate their culture and traditions.

Indian Society of WA will lead the development of the Centre, with every Indian community group in Perth and WA will be able to make use of the facility.

The team has identified a huge property at an excellent location. It’s located at the centre of Indian origin people. 12 Whyalla Street Willetton WA 6155 is the address. The property is situated in the suburb of Willetton, approximately 10 km south of the Perth Central Business District, within close proximity to major arterial roads including Kwinana Freeway and Leach Highway. It’s a Development Site with Holding Income.

Salient details Include:
– Land area 5,569sq.m
– Building area 1,065sq.m
– Two telecommunication towers provide $28,000 per annum in holding income
– Office 485sq.m
– Warehouse 580sq.m
– Hardstand 2,000sq.m
– Warehouse trust height of 5-7 meters
– Vacant possession

After going through tens of properties and doing due diligence, we have nailed this property. We have an accepted offer of $2,400,000. Please click on the below links for the details of the property and valuation reports:
1. Property Information
2. Valuation Report – August 2018
3. Valuation Report – January 2019 (organised by us)
4. Certificate of Title
5. Proposed Initial Development Plans

ISWA has applied for Federal Funding for renovating the ICC. I am hopeful that we will get substantial money for renovations.

We need to have unconditional finance approval in April 2019, otherwise, we may lose the property. We need your help in getting as much donation as possible.

Want to visit the property? Or Would like to be a volunteer/organiser for the Indian Community Centre? Want to contribute with your ideas? Please join the weekly meeting at 12 Whyalla Street Willetton (at ICC) on any Friday evening from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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