WA Indian Docs™ is an independent and autonomous professional and social organisation of medical practitioners of Indian origin. WA Indian Docs™ also welcomes in its fold all medical practitioners from Indian subcontinent as well as Indian-origin doctors from overseas origin (such as Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius etc) who would like to be affiliated with WA Indian Docs™.

In the current healthcare environment within Western Australia, there has been a perennial lack of an organisation to look after the semi-professional and social needs of medical practitioners of Indian origin.

Mission Statement

To represent and serve the needs of medical practitioners of Indian subcontinent origin and to promote the well-being of the Western Australian community.

Strategic Aims and Objectives of WA Indian Docs™:

  • To safeguard the interests of member medical practitioners of Indian origin in Western Australia including International Medical Graduates and trainee junior doctors
  • To enrich the professional and educational priorities of its members
  • To develop a culture of professional networking, communication and mentorship within its membership
  • To act as an agency of lobbying and influence to safeguard the interests of member medical practitioners and their untiring contribution to the Western Australian community
  • To maintain a philosophical, social, cultural and charitable focus through the responsible behaviour of the organisation and its members
  • To uphold and promote the well-being of all patients served within the Western Australian community
  • To conduct and advocate social responsibility and charity for the needy and disadvantaged
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Code of Ethics

WA Indian Docs™ is aligned with the AMA Code of Ethics.

Our relationship with the Australian Medical Association (WA)

WA Indian Docs™ is a semi-professional and autonomous organisation for medical practitioners of Indian-origin. AMA (WA) is our parent professional organisation for medical practitioners in WA including industrial matters. We encourage you to also become members of the AMA WA as the over-arching professional body for all medical practitioners within Western Australia.